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Neil Billock: An Acclaimed Tech Sales Pundit to Watch Out for in 2014



Sales and marketing are probably the most ancient of all business functions. Even when we had barter system, the need to effectively present products and services must have been prevalent. Today, although the rules of the game have changed, the goal still remains the same – converting potential prospects into loyal customers. However, as simple as it may sound, earning the trust of potential customers can be a challenge, but then we have people like Neil Billock, who inspire a completely different story.

The Man

Neil Billock, born and raised in San Diego, California, is a globally acclaimed sales expert, presently lending his expertise to Vertical Direct Marketing Group – a direct marketing company with a wide spectrum of services. Equipped with proven expertise in response and lead tracking, Neil joined VDMG in 2009, taking charge of the company’s sales and marketing divisions, a position he holds to this very day. In addition to sales and marketing,

The Achievements

Neil has played a pivotal role in creating VDMG’s much coveted multi-channel approach and facilitated the acquisition of numerous key clients.
Neil brings to the table proven expertise in various other disciplines, such as Design, Direct Mail, Printing and Business Management.
In 2011, the board of Vertical Direct Marketing Group decided to reward Neil for his relentless dedication by offering him a partnership stake in the firm.
In 2013, Neil was named among the recipients of “Top Tech Exec Award” – an IT accolade presented by San Diego Magazine to “brilliant leaders” and “awesome innovators”.

The Future

The closure of 2014 Q1 is around the corner and the unrest one could see the global markets since the beginning of the year is gradually subsiding. Given the circumstances, it would be safe to say that we can hope to see a lot of activities from marketing agencies, with Vertical Direct Marketing Group being no exception. Therefore, the likes of Neil Billock are all set to play an instrumental role in how things shape up for this direct marketing services provider.


Neil Billock: Inscribing a New Era of Direct Marketing


Ever since the advent of internet, direct marketing has generated polar responses from curators. While the critics have all sorts of demanding claims to make, the patrons couldn’t be happier. This disparity in thoughts often creates a circle of suspicion around the effectiveness of direct marketing and ethicality of the promotion tactics used by direct marketers. However, the likes of Neil Billock put to rest all speculations pertaining to this remarkably efficient business marketing approach.

A Brief Intro

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Neil Billock is a revered sales guru, renowned for contributing to the much-coveted multi-channel marketing approach of Vertical Direct Marketing Group – a prominent provider of direct marketing services. In June 2013, Neil was honored with “Top Tech Exec Award” – an accolade presented by San Diego Magazine to “brilliant leaders”, “superheroes”, and “awesome innovators” from the IT industry.

Current Profile

Since 2009, Neil Billock has been spearheading Vertical Direct Marketing Group’s Sales & Marketing divisions; a position he holds to this day. In 2011, VDMG’s board recognized Neil for his invaluable contribution towards the growth of the company by offering him a partnership in the firm. In addition to leading the sales and marketing teams at VDMG, he also lends the company proven expertise in various other disciplines including Design, Direct Mail, Printing and Business Management.

Experience and Expertise

Neil brings to the table a sea of experience and extensive exposure to diverse industries including Auto, Retail, Finance, Communication, and Sports & Health equipment, and holds in-depth understanding of Response and Lead Tracking. Over the years, Neil has landed various prestigious clients for VDMG, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, National Football League, Direct TV, Cox Communications, Toyota Motor Company, and Gold’s Gym International, among others.

Time for some conjecturing!

Q1 of 2014 has passed and the global economy is miles away from qualifying to be called “prosperous”. Increasing competitiveness in all industries is gradually making it more critical for businesses to explore every possible avenue that may help optimize their operating expense and revenue.

Considering the asphyxia, it would be safe to say that direct marketing, being an exceptionally cost-effective option for businesses to reach their target customers, is almost certain to be instrumental to their success in the times to come.

Although no one can precisely foretell what the future beholds; however, it would not be an overstatement to say that you can expect to hear a lot more about innovative leaders from the direct marketing industry, such as Neil Billock.