Neil Billock Reviews: A Tale of Exceptional Feats



When the conversation is around direct marketing, the name Neil Billock is sure to ring a bell. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Neil is an imminent figure in the field of direct marketing. In fact, if Neil Billock reviews are anything to go by, it would be fair to say that he has played a major role in shaping direct marketing as we know it today.

Better known as the head of the sales and marketing divisions of Vertical Direct Marketing Group, a prominent direct marketing company, Neil brings with him an ocean of experience that spans across diverse industries. Since taking his first steps in the field of direct marketing, Neil has successfully created and implemented an array of campaigns.

Neil joined Vertical Direct Marketing Group in 2009, and in a short span of just 3 years, he was recognized for his out-of-the-box initiatives and immense potential by the company’ board, as he was offered a partnership stake in the firm. However, he chose continue to spearheading the sales and marketing teams of the company.

Neil Billock’s success trail doesn’t end there. In 2013, Neil once again made it to the headlines of the marketing industry, when he was honored with San Diego Magazine’s Top Tech Exec Award, one of the most prestigious accolades in the marketing business. According to San Diego magazine, the award is given to ‘innovators’, ‘leaders’ and ‘superheroes’ from the industry.

Over the years, Neil has developed a sharp capability to envisage sales and marketing campaigns of varied scales. In fact, Neil Billock reviews suggest that he has been instrumental to the success of Vertical Direct Marketing Group and its much acclaimed multichannel marketing approach that ensures immediate and sustainable results.

Moving forward in 2014, when the global economy is finally getting back on its feet, Neil is set to play a key role in shaping the future strategies of VDMG. Even the company is quite confident about Neil Billock’s potential. In the words of Ryan McAweeney, the founder of the company, “Neil is one of the most prized assets in the organization and will be seen in a lot of action in the times to come.”

Although, only a soothsayer can precisely forecast how the year will unfold for Neil Billock and Vertical Direct Marketing Group; however, based on Neil Billock reviews and his proven capabilities, it would be safe to say that we can certainly hope to see various innovations by Neil in the future.


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